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The Big Picture: OCS Fort Sill
The Big Picture takes its cameras to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Artillery Center of the free world where the modern artilleryman is trained in both cannon and missile artillery. The Big Picture follows a young soldier through Fort Sill's Artillery and Missile Officer Candidate School. The Big Picture, an official weekly report to the nation from the United States Army, aired on television from 1951 to 1971.

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Artillery OCS Reunions

Field Artillery

  • Weapons of the Field Artillery
    Features, use and capabilities of field artillery weaponry in the cannon type artillery category and rocket and missile category.
  • The Field Artillery Center
    Visits Fort Sill on the 100th anniversary of its founding - includes the Artillery Center and School, the museum, and a "live fire" demonstration.
  • Fire Power: Artillery
    A firsthand account of how American artillery was employed in Korea. Included in the film is a study of the Army's new atomic cannon... the 280mm gun.
  • History of Firepower
    The story of man's weaponry from the caveman's punch to the missile man's firepower.
  • King of Battle
    "King of Battle," the newest release in the Army's TV series THE BIG PICTURE, portrays dramatically the development of artillery in the Army from 1776 to 1957.
  • 42nd Artillery Group
    Artillery, the king of battle, is closely examined by THE BIG PICTURE camera in the Seventh Army area in Europe.

Air Defense Artillery