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Distinguished Service Cross

Distiguished Service Cross

The Distinguished Service Cross (DSC) is the second highest military decoration that can be awarded to a member of the United States Army (and previously, the United States Army Air Forces). It is awarded for extraordinary heroism:

While engaged in action against an enemy of the United States;
While engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force;
While serving with friendly foreign forces engaged in an armed conflict against an opposing armed force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

Actions that merit the Distinguished Service Cross must be of such a high degree that they are above those required for all other U.S. combat decorations but do not merit award of the Medal of Honor. The Distinguished Service Cross is equivalent to the Navy Cross (Navy and Marine Corps, and Coast Guard when operating under the authority of the Department of the Navy) and the Air Force Cross (Air Force).

WWII / Korea / Vietnam

World War II

1LT James N Sherrick: Class 7-42
1LT Donald E Knowlton: Class 8-42
CPT Neil O Johnson: Class 11-42
1LT Hilston T Kilcollins: Class 18-42
1LT John R Tiedemann: Class 21-42 KIA
2LT Geoffrey C Ferris: Class 23-42 KIA
1LT John J Preneta: Class 23-42
2LT Edwin F Gould: Class 24-42
CPT William C Felkins Jr: Class 25-42 KIA
1LT Edward D Doughty: Class 26-42
1LT Ted E Lines: Class 26-42
2LT Vincent E McKenna: Class 27-42
1LT Glen W Horman: Class 28-42
2LT Stanley D Llewellyn: Class 29-42
1LT Thomas J Mann: Class 29-42
1LT Donald Mushik: Class 30-42
1LT Charley H Von Behren: Class 30-42 KIA
2LT Thomas F Berteau: Class 31-42
CPT Michael S Bouchlas: Class 31-42
1LT Gerhard Lessman: Class 31-42
2LT Leo W O'Brien: Class 31-42
1LT Richard A Reynolds: Class 31-42 KIA
1LT Arthur L Leahey: Class 32-42
CPT Elva Harris: Class 33-42
1LT Gordon W Jackman: Class 33-42 KIA
2LT Carl J Kasper: Class 33-42
1LT John W Bedsole: Class 34-42
1LT George H Gowdy: Class 34-42
2LT Michael Ligus, Jr: Class 36-42 KIA
1LT Albert L Kessler: Class 39-42
2LT Dennis J Regan: Class 40-42
2LT Stanley Sadaj: Class 44-42 KIA
2LT John J Pollarine: Class 62-43 KIA
2LT Frederick Rau: Class 62-43 KIA
2LT Hilton H Wogan: Class 49-43
2LT Roy E Gehrke: Class 51-43 KIA
1LT Henry O Odegard: Class 51-43
1LT John C Snyder: Class 51-43
1LT Pat G Combs: Class 54-43
1LT Robert L Fierman: Class 54-43
1LT Jerome E Scanlon: Class 54-43 KIA
MAJ Donald C Mills: Class 55-43
2LT George T Robinson: Class 55-43 KIA
CPT Hamilton F Glover: Class 58-43 KIA
1LT Robert C Burke: Class 62-43
1LT David B Clarkson: Class 62-43 KIA
1LT Henry H Cobb, Jr: Class 64-43
2LT Neil M Chapin: Class 65-43
2LT William S Read: Class 69-43
1LT William J Wolf: Class 69-43 KIA
1LT John W Maskell: Class 70-43
2LT Cecil H Eller: Class 82-43 KIA
2LT Lee R Jamison: Class 82-43
2LT William D Markin: Class 82-43 KIA
2LT Samuel Torbitt Castleman, Jr: Class 89-43 KIA
2LT Snowdon Haywood: Class 89-43 KIA
2LT Clair J Boyle: Class 91-43

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Korean War

1LT Howard W Cardoza, Jr: Class 51-43
1LT Benjamin Franklin Wilson: Class 56-43
CPT Howard M Moore: Class 66-43
1LT Harold G Parris: Class 73-43 KIA
1LT Ernest P Terrell, Jr: Class 12-49 Fort Riley
1LT William E McDonald: Class 8-52 KIA

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Vietnam War

MAJ Eugene J Conner: Class 44-53 KIA
MAJ Lewis D Bell: Class 50-54 KIA
CPT William D Johnson, Jr: Class 53-54
CPT William W Fraker: Class 71-55
1LT Frank H Mayer: Class 6-63
CPT Kenneth E Rubin: Class 6-63
1LT Rolla M Breed: Class 7-63
1LT John D Piper: Class 2-65
1LT James C Schlottman: Class 8-65
1LT Fred G Bragg, Jr: Class 10-65 KIA
1LT Leon M Wessel, Jr: Class 9-66
1LT Bromley H German: Class 25-66 KIA
1LT Richard A Koski: Class 25-66 KIA
1LT Martin H Beach: Class 6-67
1LT Edward L Carnes: Class 15-67
1LT Jerry W Thurman: Class 16-67
CPT Ronald M Chatelain: Class 17-67
1LT James E Taylor: Class 29A-67 KIA
CPT Harold J Faldermeyer: Class 30A-67 KIA
CPT Horace G Sanders, III: Class 34A-67
1LT John G Tissler: Class 42A-67
2LT Mark S Steiner: Class 1B-68 KIA
1LT Michael D'Orlando: Class 508-68
1LT George T Kelly, III: Class 512-68 KIA
2LT Robert C Wright: Class 9-69 KIA

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