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OCS Class Rosters

The most recent version of the Artillery OCS class graduation rosters includes 49,114 names. The rosters listed below are all in a searchable PDF file format. Saving the PDF file to your computer is recommended (especially for the Master Alpha List file which is quite large). Just right click on the roster you want and select "Save Target As...". Once saved to your computer, it is easy to view and print information at your convenience.

Fort Sill Class Rosters

National Guard and Reserve Class Rosters

Abbreviations used on rosters

DSC indicates awarded Distinguished Service Cross
HOF indicates Artillery OCS Hall of Fame Inductee
KIA indicates Killed in Action
MOH indicates awarded Medal of Honor

More than 14,500 corrections and/or additions have been made to the listings found in Durham Hall in 2004.

The current rosters have been compiled from several sources. The volunteers working on this project have taken great care to create an accurate set of rosters. The end result is that in many cases the final verison of a class roster may not exactly match a class photo and/or class graduation program. We will continue to provide updates based on reliable and verifiable information provided by official documents, graduates and family members.

Click here for detailed explanation of roster compilation issues.

If you any questions or corrections, please contact us at: admin@artilleryocsalumni.com